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Timeless Chair Cover Hire  - Great Service At a Great Price In Shropshire
Frequently Asked Questions.....
What makes Timeless Chair Cover Hire different from its competitors?
We feel that the quality and attention that we can offer to you as a client is something that will make us stand out from the rest of our competitors.
We use high quality chair covers and sash materials, sourced from  excellent suppliers. All our products are cleaned and pressed prior to an event, and we ALWAYS carry spares in the event of an accident. We believe in offering only products of a standard that we would be prepared to accept for our own personal use.
Why should I choose Timeless Chair Cover Hire?
The choice is entirely yours, but after looking at what we can offer, and how we can deliver a service that is second to none, we feel that the decision will not be that difficult.
Our prices are competitive and our customer service is excellent, but most of all our aim is to make you feel that nothing is above and beyond our doing!
Every client is unique, and our standard is perfection, that is why a high percentage of our business is referrals or repeat customers.
What is the minimum number of chair covers I can hire?
We have a minimum order of 30 covers, every event has different needs so we can cater for all clients whether its 30 covers to 2000 covers.
What is your availability?
We have over 2000 chair covers so can accommodate more than one event at a time however it is advisable to book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. Even though we may have the covers we may not have the time to fit you in with having other dressings to do, so don't delay, book today.
Can I book in advance for 2016/2017/2018
We are taking bookings for 2016, 2017 & 2018 at the same prices you see in our price list! We are here to stay, so don't worry about booking in advance, we're not going anywhere!
Can I come and look at the chair covers & sashes before I book?
Yes of course you can! We have a showroom to view our products we hire out.
Its open by Strict appointment, as we are always out dressing venues so please don't just turn up as we will not be there.
I'm afraid we cannot provisionally hold dates for you, so we ask if you want to see the chair covers before you book, then give us a call the day before you are due to attend appointment to recheck your date is still available as only your deposit secures your date. 
What if your Price Changes?
You may see price changes in line with Fuel Duty, vat ect during any season of any month, but we honour any booking given regardless if our prices rise or fall. The price quoted at time of booking is the price you pay assuming your deposit was received in time frame stated, the quote given to you is valid for 7 days however only the deposit secures the quote in this 7 day frame only. We do not provisionally "hold" dates at all.
So basically if any of our prices increase, the price you were quoted & booked with your deposit will be honoured and vice versa if the prices decrease the price quoted & booked with your deposit in time frame stated of booking still stands.
This will not change regardless. 
What areas do you cover?
We offer a venue dressing service with free set up, delivery and collection within a 10 mile radius of TF42RH.
What colours of chair cover do you have in stock?
We have Round Top & Square top Cotton chair covers are available in a choice of White or Ivory.
Plain Lycra chair covers are available in White, Ivory and Black.
What colour scheme can I have?
The colour you decide to have for your wedding is a personal choice, and therefore we will make every effort to assist in meeting your needs. We have lots of different colours of pinks, reds, gold's, browns, lilacs, silvers, greens and many many more, too many to list!
You will be spoilt for choice!
What Organza Sashes do you have in stock?
White, Ivory, Champagne, Gold, Lilac, Purple, Baby Pink, Fuchia Pink, Baby blue, Royal Blue, Navy blue, Petrol Blue, Teal, Chocolate brown, Bovril Brown, Mocha, Burgundy, Silver, Charcoal, Claret Red, Pillow Box Red, Black, Lemon, Sunflower Yellow, Turquoise, Emerald Green, Apple Green, Sage Green, Hunter Green, Willow Green, Black, Peach, Orange, Antique Rose, Aubergine, Violet, Cadburys Purple, plus many more....
What Swirl Embroidered Organza Sashes do you have in stock?
Charcoal, White, Ivory, Gold, Black, Fuchia, Burgundy, Red, Orange,
Bovril Brown with Aqua Swirl, Bovril Brown with Pink Swirl, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Silver, Bovril Brown, Plum, Cadburys Purple plus many more....
What Leaf Embroidered Organza Sashes do you have in stock?
Silver, White, Ivory, Gold, Black, Fuchia, Burgundy, Red, Orange,
Brown, Baby Pink, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Silver, Bovril Brown, Sage Green, Apple Green, Olive Green, Purple plus many more....
What Dotty Organza Sashes do you have in stock?
Purple, Baby Blue, Silver, White, Ivory, Red and Brown.
What Satin Sashes do you have in stock?
White, Ivory, Champagne, Gold, Lilac, Purple, Baby Pink, Fuchia Pink, Baby blue, Royal Blue, Navy blue, Chocolate brown, Burgundy, Silver, Pillow Box Red, Black, Yellow, Turquoise, Apple Green, Hunter Green, Sage Green, Willow Green, Black, Peach, Orange plus many more....
What Crinkle Taffeta Sashes do you have in stock?
White, Ivory, Champagne, Gold, Lilac, Purple, Baby Pink, Fuchia Pink, Baby blue, Royal Blue, Navy blue, Chocolate brown, Burgundy, Silver, Pillow Box Red, Black, Yellow, Turquoise, Apple Green, Sage Green, Olive Green, Black...
Lace Sash Range Has Now Arrived!!
The Burlap Sash Has Now Arrived!!
Vintage Sash Has Now Arrived!!
We will be adding on more colours in the future to keep up with the demands of growing trends within the wedding industry , so if your choice of colour is not on the list above, please let us know so we can try and source the colour for you, though this is not a guarantee. 
Are all the sashes included in my chair cover hire price no matter what material sash?
Yes the sashes are included within your chair cover hire. The price quoted will be for chair covers & sash. This includes all our sashes from all our ranges, we do not charge extra for your wanting a taffeta sash, Lace Sash or any other sash for that matter.
However we do charge extra if you wanted a double sash (two sashes on each chair like lace & hessian).
Do you hire out sash only?
No Im afraid we don't hire the sashes out on their own, we only hire them out with our chair covers.

When do I have to tell you my chosen sash colour by?
We need to know at least 3 months before your big day which sash you want to hire with your covers. If you were to leave it any later we cant make any guarantee your sash will be available, hence why we need plenty of notice to enable us to get some more in if your sash is already booked out. If last minute booking done with us, then we will only take your booking on knowing what sash you want and if we have it in stock firstly.
What style of chair cover do you supply?
We supply 3 styles of chair covers;
Round top Cotton cover, Square top Cotton cover, Plain Lycra cover. These are the designs most venues use.
If unsure as to whether the covers fit your chair, just ask Sian :)
How do I book?
Please fill in the contact us form or drop us an Email/phone with your requirements.
We will contact you advising on availability and a quote.
Please then pay £50 deposit to secure your date by either sending a cheque to Timeless Chair Cover Hire or by bank transfer to our business acccount. This deposit is deducted off your final balance.

**** Please note bookings are NOT made until the deposit is received ****
***** Your date is not secured and could be booked to another client.*****
How do I order a chair cover sample?
We don't send out chair cover samples to clients, as we personally go to your venue to check fitting if we have'nt dressed the venue before. We take photos of the cover on the chair you will be using and email those pics to you, so you can see for yourself. On occasions if available, we can meet you at the venue to show the fitting. If you would like a small swatch sample (not a full cover) of the chair cover material so you can see the colouring, this can be posted to you.
When will the covers be delivered and picked up?
Covers & Sash are dressed either the day before the event if this has been arranged between us & yourselves or dressed on the day of the event and picked up from the venue the next working day/s after the event, unless other arrangements have been made via us and your venue wedding coordinator. We are on first name basis with all venues in Shropshire so leave us to sort out this detail.
Can I pick up linen myself to save costs?
We do not have a pick up facility for the any covers. We personally dress your chairs for you!
Do you set up?
Yes we deliver and personally set up the covers in your venue. This is all included in your quote. Leave all the hard work to us so you can enjoy your day stress free.
Do Chair covers need ironing?
No - covers do not need ironing. They are pre washed/ironed ready for your event.
When is the full balance expected?
ONE month before the event date based on your head count on that day.
I am unsure of my number of guests, can I change this after completing my booking form?
We understand how your final headcount will change on a daily basis as you get closer to your big day, hence why we allow for any changes to be made up to 1 week before event.
We ask you to email or text a week before your big day to make the last final adjustments. If you need extra covers at this stage then we will ask for the payment and if you need less then we will refund for the covers you don't require.
Unfortunately we cannot refund any changes after this time.
We will only dress what you have paid for.
Do I need to pay a damage or loss deposit?
Unfortunately we have to put in place certain requirements in our terms & conditions against loss/theft or any un repairable damage to our products hired. Full replacement cost of £10 will be charged for each chair cover & £5 for each sash lost or damaged. You will be required to sign the booking form agreeing to this (please see terms & conditions page for details)
For our Post box hire we do have a replacement cost of £150.00 if its gets lost or stolen whilst in your hire. You will be signing the booking form agreeing to these costing's on booking, please ask Cheryl if unsure.
What is considered as damage?
Minor food & drink stains on the linen and minor shoe damage round the bottom of the chair covers is acceptable and will not be  charged for, however on a more serious note, missing  covers or sash and covers that have been drawn on are considered as damage and a replacement charge will be billed to you. Please see above.
Can i hire/buy extra sash for table swagging, flower arrangements?
No i'm afraid we don't hire or sell these separately, so please don't be offended when we say no, sorry. They are only used for chair cover hire only.
However we are able to supply swagging material for you to hire from us and we will dress your table for you if you are hiring our chair covers, subject to colour choice/material. 
Please ask us for further details...

Don't forget we now have a showroom for you to see all our products by Appointment Only

Please note bookings are NOT made until the deposit is received.
If you have further questions please drop us an Email or Call @
07545 177 724